Mr. Rudolf D’ Souza Joins as a Convener, knowledge Management CoPs

Mr. Rudolf DSouzaMr. Rudolf D’ Souza Joins as a Convener, knowledge Management CoPs, LASSIB Society Professional Chapter – Mumbai

Mr. Rudolf is a Founder and CEO, In-Kno-Win Consulting.

Rudolf is a recognized Knowledge Management expert. He firmly believes that the success of KM lies in addressing business issues. He co-chairs the annual KM Asia conference in Singapore, and is a speaker and workshop leader on KM techniques, Innovation and Creativity, and Decision Support. He pioneered the use of Gamification in KM in 2004 well before the term came into use.His organization In-KnoWin Consulting, counts among its clients the top business houses in India.Rudolf is an accredited consultant in Cynefin Methods of Complexity.

Rudolf is passionate about understanding how businesses tick and what makes one organization better than the other; and what can one learn and apply from the ongoing interplay.   The thing which excites him about LASSIB Society is the opportunity to meet people who believe in excellence and continuous learning and who want to share their knowledge with others.

His key focus areas during the tenure as Office Bearer of the Chapter is to create appreciation about an asset that is right now quite underutilized – Knowledge! And to spread awareness of the methods available to do so and how it can be then used in improving Decision Making and Strategy. We are after all in the Knowledge Economy.

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